The Italian Job was born in 1999 after Oscar William Rolland the founder and Managing Director came back from his experience as producer in London. The Italian Job has been the very first Agency representing TV commercials directors in Italy and Middle East. We are based in Milan and Dubai.

We are a team of Producers, Directors, Directors of photography, photographers at any level of creativity from the fresh young, hype and talented, to the extremely experienced ones. We also can provide Editors, Colour Grading, compositing and on line, Musiccomposer and full audio frelancers. Advertising is by now an international pool and we are keen on expanding our talents globally. We offer the opportunity to get some special contribution to your productions.

We all work with professional passion and dedication at any job we do…we always try harder. If u are a talented director, DoP or photographer, we are always interested tosee your work.


Ferrari, Toyota, Volvo, Cadillac, Ford, Kia, Red Bull, Unilever, P&G, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Peroni, Sol, McDonald’s, Galaxy, Ferrero, Miller Beer, Avon, and many others.















I am Oscar William Rolland, an entrepreneurial Creative Producer and Director’s Agent.

Filming has been always my passion since I was a little kid…and is still my passion after so many years.

I have been in the Film and Advertising industry since 25 years and I still have the same energy, excitement and dedication to this job like the first day I started.

I am based in Milan and Dubai.

I have been producing TVCs for my exclusive directors, and many others, for over 20 years and I have worked with some of the best Agencies and Production Companies around the world with great ease and success as well as my own local and foreign clients.

My skills goes from finding always the perfect director for the project to pre production, shooting and post production.

I have been working and I am in very good relationship with many directors all over the world including Joachim Back Oscar winner in 2010

I travelled and shot in many different countries and this experience made me grow a lot in terms of relationship with different people and cultures.

I have been filming with celebrities from Hollywood such as Catherine Zeta Jones, Penelope Cruz, Liv Tyler, Monica Bellucci as well as sport champions, one for all Diego Armando Maradona and singers and musicians from all over the world.

I need new challenges in life to feel everyday motivated to make something amazing that will satisfy my insatiable desire of doing great things in life.

I am an hard worker, and in production you must be …working long hours and traveling the world has always been my daily duty…and I love it!!!

I am a very creative person that’s why I call myself a “Creative Producer” because I have been working side by side with the director finding always the best productive and creative solutions in order to make a great film.

In the last 25 years I have shot more than 400 TV commercials all over the world in Italy, UK, France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, US, Australia, South Africa, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Argentina, Cile, Uruguay, Turkey, Lebanon, Dubai, Oman.

I always been ambitious and a dreamer and I think is what will make you a winner.

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